Rural design staples such as open ceiling beams, natural floor materials and traditional style windows set the scene here for the Florence country kitchen. No matter what size of space you are dealing with you can devise a kitchen with real flair by incorporating key accessories such as an over mantle, pastry bench and solid oak inset trays.


The internal bead profile detail used in the Wakefield door adds extra depth and contour to your overall kitchen design when mixed with any of the feature accessories available in this stunning range. Combine two painted colours to create your own style statement.


The adaptability of Zola’s Soft-Matte slab design allows for a range of possibilities when it comes to devising your statement kitchen. You can achieve a sleek and spacious looking kitchen through a select choice of durable, super soft-touch colours and a clever design layout.



The ever popular industrial look that embraces key design aspects such as interior brickwork, concrete and exposed pipes and ceiling beams, allows Zola to sit unassumingly alongside, encouraging comfortable living.


The innovative Kensington design with sloped internal profile and prominent v-grooves offers a contemporary twist on the original shaker style door. Available in five popular colours, the visible grain on this versatile door provides a look of true authenticity.